AirNow-International – A Growing Community of Users Informing the Public about Air Quality

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency


This past June in Nairobi, the United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) encouraged Governments and intergovernmental, regional and international organizations to make air quality data more easily accessible and understandable to the public and to share with the secretariat of the UNEP and member States the results and experiences of their efforts at the second session of the UNEA in 2016.

The AirNow-International (AirNow-I) system provides the public with information about the quality of the air they breathe through real-time Air Quality Index (AQI) observations and forecasts. The AirNow-I is based on the AirNow system operating in the US since 1997. This session will cover the following:

  • Basic understanding of ANI system, its benefits and future;
  • The ANI Community of Users and why you want to be part of this growing community;
  • Community members sharing their experiences and future plans;
  • Taking the first step to join this community

18 November 2014
3:30 pm – 4:30 pm

Cinnamon Grand Hotel

Participants are requested to register by sending an email containing name, organization, designation and country to with a copy to

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This pre-event is essential for Air Quality Managers, Policy makers, Academia, Researchers, Regional Planning Organizations, and others interested in enabling the general public to make daily decisions that will impact their health will benefit from attending this event.  All registered BAQ participants are welcome to attend.

Contact Person
Lourdes Morales
Environmental Engineer
Information Transfer Group